About Jenny Bright

My name is Jen Ebright…but if you say it fast with your best Texas accent…it sounds like Jenny Bright! I moved to Dallas from San Diego about 4 years ago to be with my other half and best friend my husband Randy Ebright. I met my husband on a San Diego beach where he swept me off my feet and moved me to Texas. I quit my job in news 2 years ago to follow my photography passion. I went to UNLV and obtained a degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in entertainment management. Living in Las Vegas for 6 years was interesting. I worked in the news during the day and the nightclub at night where my photography career started. For 4 years I took photos of celebrities and nightclub enthusiasts. I’ve worked at FOX NEWS, CBS NEWS, NBC NEWS, KUSI NEWS and then ended my news journey at ABC NEWS in Dallas Texas. While news was fast paced and what I went to school to pursue, I realized my real passion was capturing happy moments for people to enjoy forever. News became too negative of an environment for me to work in and weddings are the exact opposite! I love opening my mind to everything. I’ve photographed 2 international weddings and many destination weddings in the United States. I love to travel, I’m a free spirit and I like to be silly. A perfect day includes caffeine, love, photography, and a pug…maybe a glass of wine. Contact me so we can talk about how I can frame your moment! jenny@jennybright.com

XoXo-JeN : )


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